Real Golf Games

Published: 8/10/2023
Updated: 12/26/2023
Table of Contents
  1. What is Real Golf Games
  2. Why did I decide to develop Real Golf Games?
  3. What is Golf games about?
  4. Credits

What is Real Golf Games

Real Golf Games are all my games I've developed in the context of golf, the first version was made with JavaScript, the second and currently used version was made with SvelteKit, which is a JavaScript Framework and the full stack Verison of Svelte.

Why did I decide to develop Real Golf Games?

I decided to develop Real Golf Games, because I love to play Golf and got an Handicap of 33.2, which is quite alright, I improved myself from 54, which is the start Handicap, to 36.6 in just one tournament, and then played a second one a few months later and improved to 34.5, then I played a third tournament and improved to 33.3, after one year of break playing tournaments, I played a fourth just a few weeks ago and got my current Handicap of 33.2.

What is Golf games about?

Real Golf Games (Golf) is about three different Games, the first one is called 4 Winning, the second one is called Exact, the third and for now last game is Precision

4 Winning

4 Winning is like four in a row, with some modification, the first modifaction is, that the game board has more columns and rows then a normal four in row, a normal four in row has a game board of 4x4, my version of four in a row has 8 columns and 9 rows, including the columns at the full right and full left, which just show the lateral deviation you are allowed to play in one of the diffrent modes you can play the game in.


Exact is a game which goal it is to play exact as possible to a few numbers, for example every tens give 3 points and all numbers with twice the same number are giving 3 Points, 100 meters gives 5 points, everything above 100 and below 5 gives -1 Points.


Precision is the third game I have developed. The objective of the game is to get as close to the targets as possible. For every meter you miss the target, you will receive a deduction of one point. The winner of the game is the player with the highest points at the end. The game concludes when only one player has points remaining. You can observe the distance you need to shoot and the current team, along with the remaining points for each team.




  • SvelteKit
  • MongoDB
  • Netlify


  • Svelte
  • SASS
  • TypeScript
  • Font Awesome
  • bcrypt
  • jsonwebtoken
  • mongoose
  • uuid
  • And many more